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Weekly news

On Sunday 23rd February Daniel Scottow led a workshop, 'Dramatic Skies'. This was developed in a landscape but the major focus was on the sky, which took up most of the canvas / board. Participants worked with big brushes, also fan brushes, exploring ways to extend drying times, building up layers of cloud until they became three dimensional. Some people opted for soft pastel colours and smoothness, others chose dark dramatic colours. This, for many was a very different way to paint skies, and with excellent results. Participants enjoyed Daniel's approach and Daniel was very impressed with the paintings produced by art club members.

Last Sunday, 1st March it was very busy at Kirkcaldy Art Club, with a workshop in the pottery and a demonstration in the painting studio. Philippa Mitchell, an artist from the East Neuk, demonstrated how she develops paintings using, water based oils. Oil paintings take a long time to dry so Philippa works on several paintings at one time. She shared tips on how to look after brushes and went on to use a large brush for big areas, flat brushes for painting trees and a rigger brush for detail. She also used a palette knife and a plastic card to scratch into paint to provide interesting textures. This was a very informative demo and greatly enjoyed by everyone present.

In the pottery Jenny Rae led a workshop, 'Fairy tale turrets and towers'. Generously sharing her templates and techniques Jenny led the class through the various stages of tower and turret making, suggesting simple ideas for embellishments. Within an hour or two a range of towers, turrets and castles, together with a 'faerie' house, began to appear. The group went away full of ideas for building on Jenny's teaching - and anything from garden 'faerie' doors, to children's bedsite lights are now in the planning. Kirkcaldy Art Club appreciate the comments and reviews from several participants.

Below images from Daniel Scottow and Jenny Rae's workshops.


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