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Our last couple of weeks

This has been a quieter week at Kirkcaldy Art Club. A summer term class, 'Painting with the wrong colours' led by local artist and tutor, May Snaddon began on Monday. Participants began by using resources, art books etc to look at colour in detail and made notes on the use of particular colours and how they could be produced. This was followed by planning options for painting and the colours to be used. Later in the week, on Thursday , they were going to begin to develop their painting, either using oils or acrylics. This was a different approach to developing a painting and was enjoyed and appreciated by all. The children also had their art class on Monday. They have all quickly adapted to

Join one of our upcoming painting classes

This week at Kirkcaldy Art Club some of the summer term classes ended. Participants in Dorothy Black's painting class have greatly enjoyed experimenting with all the different techniques, and also trying out using the mangle/ 'printing press'. Participants in Vicky Coull's mixed media class used leaves to print on pastel colours of acrylic paint this week. They brought work completed over the previous three weeks and set up a mini exhibition, which displayed a wide range of bold, exciting work. Pottery classes also ended with items currently being fired in the art club or waiting to be fired soon in an oil drum at the Raku outdoor firing weekend. The Tuesday afternoon and evening classes ha

Still spaces in painting classes

Once again Kirkcaldy Art Club is having another busy week. With some of the summer term classes nearing an end members of the pottery classes are busy finishing of items to be glazed and fired, either in the club kilns or to be done in the oil drums outdoors, over the Raku weekend. Also members of the Tuesday afternoon and evening classes continue to work on their paintings, while some in the evening class are trying out making jewellery. It is week three of the printing class, led by Dorothy Black, and participants are working on various forms of printing, including relief work and roller printing using the mangle. Vicky Coull's painting class ended this week, having provided opportunities

Two day painting class coming up

There was no printing class or children's class on Monday this week due to the Monday holiday. However the pottery classes and the painting continued as usual. On Thursday the mixed media painting class with Vicky Coull were continuing to work on using collage with acrylics. Later this month May Snaddon, local artist and club tutor, will lead a two day painting class on Monday 27th May and Thursday 30th May, 10am – 3pm both days. Participants will be exploring the use of 'colour' in painting, using either acrylics or oils - 'Painting with the wrong colours'. Anyone interested in a place in this class can get further details from the website, or by email from kirkcaldya

Half way through the summer term already!

We are now half way through the summer term. New class members in pottery and painting classes have settled in and are learning new skills in their classes, and also getting to know other class members. In the printing class, with Dorothy Black, participants have been very productive, using polystyrene and other materials, some for the first time, and very much enjoying it. In the mixed media class, with Vicky Coull, participants began by applying crumpled tissue on to a board to provide texture, then working on this using acrylics to produce a seascape or landscape. This was fast paced and mostly completed within two hours. This was new to many but much enjoyed. The children have quickly se

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