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How to enrol into Kirkcaldy Art Club

A question we often get asked is: 'How can I join Kirkcaldy Art Club?' We love hearing that question. New members are always welcome.

We have our enrolment days at the start of September. This year these are Monday the 4th of September 2-3pm & 7-8pm and Tuesday the 5th of September 7-8pm. Our existing members have already enroled by that time. There will be spaces available for new painting and pottery members. However our pottery classes fill up very quickly! If you want to join our art club, just come along on those days.

Some people can't manage to attend these days. That is not a problem. Just send us a message and after the enrolment days we will try and find you a space in a class that suits you. All our classes are suitable for all levels.

Our classes start the week beginning the 18th of September. The classes run for 10 weeks before a Christmas break and continue for another 10 weeks after the break. Most of our members will enrol in September, but we have members join us throughout the year.


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