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Kirkcaldy Art Club closed

Due to the ongoing situation in the world we are living in Kirkcaldy Art Club is now closed, like many venues. All 'Spring into Summer' classes have had to be cancelled. This was sad as so many people had signed up for them, including people who are not members, keen to try out pottery, printing or painting. Also the exhibition of work done by the printing class, planned to take place at the Harbourmaster's House is delayed. We have still to hear when this will take place.

Hopefully, in a few months, the coronavirus will have gone and we can make plans again.

For the meantime we will enjoy a break and look forward to September when life for everyone is hopefully back to a regular routine. We can have enrolment for the new session in September and we can offer classes in pottery, painting, printing and a craft group for adults, and, also, an art class for children, 'Hot Pot Kids Art.

Some photos from our Open Weekend and Exhibition March 2019


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