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An arty afternoon at Templehall library

The final event at Kirkcaldy Art Club took place last Friday, 6th December, and was much enjoyed.

Then on Saturday, 7th December, some art club members led a 'Christmas Art Activities' session at Templehall Library. Children used air drying clay to make many different things, including little bowls, decorated with 'jewels' to hold a tealight, tree decorations and many other items. At the painting / printing table they went on to make Christmas cards, also using collage to make Christmas wreaths and a snowy night scene. They were all very productive and proud of their achievements. One day, in the future, we might meet them again as members of Kirkcaldy Art Club! They are our artists of the future.

Now Kirkcaldy Art Club is having a break until Monday 6th January 2020, when the next term begins and classes will begin again. Demonstrations and workshops are already organised to extend what is already on offer.

Hot Pot Kids starts again in January too. Details re enrolment and times can be found and also information about our other classes can be found on our website and on our Facebook page. Kirkcaldy Art Club would like to wish all our tutors, members and friends of the art club a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year and we will see you all again in 2020.

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