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Busy times at Kirkcaldy Art Club

Another busy week, and beyond, at Kirkcaldy Art Club. On Saturday afternoon, 5th October, we participated in celebrating Fun Palaces at Templehall Library in Kirkcaldy. Five art club members provided art activities for two groups of children over the afternoon. Many parents had booked places for their children in advance but some families arrived to change their library books and asked if their children could take part too. This was quickly arranged by library staff and we got busy. So, two groups of children and some extra members had a range of activities suitable for differing age groups. Autumn head bands were made, starry, starry autumn night paintings were produced, using mixed media, printing, collage, crayon work and silver pens to draw the stars. Hedgehogs too were made with paint, printing and collage. They also worked with clay, making bowls studded with gems, ornamental shapes and their own designs too - very impressive indeed. Older children were fascinated with designing 'Day of the Dead' faces using gel pens and gems. Then we all went home, tired but happy to have had such a busy, creative afternoon.

On Sunday afternoon, Simon Ward, recently a tutor in the pottery, returned to Kirkcaldy Art Club to demonstrate his skills and techniques before setting off for Japan and Australia. Simon, a world famous ceramicist, showed members how to throw a closed form and how to transform the shape by pressing different tools into the clay. He combined handbuilt shapes with the thrown forms to create interesting vessels. As always two hours just flew by, just not long enough - Simon is such a skilled inspiring ceramicist and generously shared freely so much information with everyone to soak up. We wish Simon well on his travels and look forward to seeing him again, to benefit from all the new ideas that he will learn and bring back to us.

The following weekend, on Sunday 13th October, 1-4pm, Irene Coulthard will lead a workshop in 'Mishima' and 'Sgraffito'. The following weekend, on Sunday 20th October, 10.30 - 12.30 pm, Heather Gilbert will demonstrate how to get the best use of the pottery's own glazes.

Then, 1-4pm in the painting studio, St Andrews based artist, Alan Stephens, will lead a workshop in using oils, 'Water - rivers or seas'. Anyone who took part in a previous workshop with Susan Forsyth will enjoy this too. Alan and Susan tutor at St Andrews Art Club and they always provide so much support to participants.

Finally, on Sunday 27th October, Avril Cunningham will demonstrate how to use various materials to produce texture when using acrylics - ' Having fun with Gels and pastes '.

Below images from Simon Ward's demo

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