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First demo and workshop coming up

This is now the third week of this term. New members are becoming familiar with the routine at Kirkcaldy Art Club and will soon find out about the further opportunities to learn more about ceramics and drawing / painting.

On Sunday 6th October, 2-4pm, Simon Ward, a world wide renowned ceramicist, will be sharing his skills and techniques with members. He will be 'Throwing and hand building' an assemblage of forms to make vessels.

Simon is having a break from tutoring at Kirkcaldy Art Club to travel round the world, always developing his skills further. He has extensive experience of producing and exhibiting his work in the UK, Europe and the far East, and more recently exhibiting in the famous Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London. This demo is free to all members.

On Sunday 13th October, in the pottery, 1-4 pm, Irene Coulthard, one of our pottery tutors, will lead a workshop in 'Mishima and Sgraffito'.

One week later, in the painting studio, 1-4pm, Alan Stephens will lead a workshop in using oils, 'Water - rivers or seas'. This is certainly going to be a busy term !

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