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A successful Raku weekend

Summer term classes this week included our first outdoor painting/ sketching class on Saturday 1st June. Irene Thomson, local artist and club tutor, led this class in the picturesque village of Falkland. The weather was lovely, warm and still. The class included club members and also non members and all enjoyed finding interesting places to draw and paint, Falkland Palace of course, but also little cottages, garden gates covered in leaves and interesting wynds. Many of the group also enjoyed the coffee and lunch venues too. It was very busy on Saturday, with tour buses, lots of tourists with their cameras at the ready, cycling groups and also The Falkland Food Market attracting people try their wares, as well as a group of arty people painting / sketching here, there and everywhere, adding to the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in rural Fife, The pottery annual 'Raku Firing' weekend took place at Cheryl Stewart's Livery, providing all the space necessary to fire pottery items in big oil drums, with people needing very large gauntlets, masks etc to protect them from the high temperature. Over Saturday and Sunday, 1st and 2nd June, again the weather was good, apart from a shower on Sunday. Tutors were busy, helping and explaining the procedures throughout the processes. There were exciting moments when potters' work was brought out, cooled down, and only then did they see what the outcome was, always a surprise. Cheryl's barbecue was much appreciated, assisted by Cheryl's son Hamish. Another perfect Raku day, well organised, very successful, a great hostess, Cheryl, and both tutors and potters enjoying the good results, all due to the team of people who made this happen.

This week the children's class did not take place, due to the Monday holiday, so their final class will take place on Monday 10th June. On Saturday 15th June Irene Thomson will lead a second outdoor drawing / painting class at Lower Largo. There are a few spaces available in this class. Finally, on Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th June, Bill Bruce, also a local artist, will lead 'Art at the Harbour' , another outdoor painting and drawing class set around Dysart Harbour. Further information on these classes can be found on our website or from Morag Allan on 01592 267641.

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