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Half way through the summer term already!

We are now half way through the summer term. New class members in pottery and painting classes have settled in and are learning new skills in their classes, and also getting to know other class members. In the printing class, with Dorothy Black, participants have been very productive, using polystyrene and other materials, some for the first time, and very much enjoying it. In the mixed media class, with Vicky Coull, participants began by applying crumpled tissue on to a board to provide texture, then working on this using acrylics to produce a seascape or landscape. This was fast paced and mostly completed within two hours. This was new to many but much enjoyed. The children have quickly settled in to the 'Kids Art class, some returning to the class and others are new to the class. Dorothy Black, new tutor, quickly got to know them. They are so enthusiastic - our painters of the future ! It is good to see how well Kirkcaldy Art Club is being used, twelve classes taking place over four days - pottery, painting, printing, the craft group and an untutored painting session.

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