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weekly news

This is the second week of the summer term. On Monday morning a four week printing class, led by Dorothy Black, began. Then on Thursday afternoon another four week class began, a painting / mixed media class, led by Vicky Coull. Participants in both classes are a mix of potters, painters and non members. Meanwhile all four pottery classes and the Tuesday afternoon and evening classes are all busy, and new people in these classes are settling in and enjoying the taster sessions during this term. Our children's class, Hot Pot Kids Art also began this week, with a new tutor, Dorothy Black. Unfortunately for us Hazel, the previous tutor, is moving on to a new post. The craft group and untutored painting session are both also continuing at the moment on Wednesday mornings and afternoons. Hot Pot Wynd is just as busy as ever. Our website, and Facebook page will keep everyone up to date on classes, weekly news and photos of what is happening in Kirkcaldy Art Club.

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