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End of term, now it is time for 'summer' school

Last week, on Thursday14th March, Irene Coulthard came to our club to do a pottery demonstration. She showed members how to use sgraffito and mishima techniques. Irene explained, with great enthusiasm, what the consistency of the clay should be, the colours that are good to use and which tools should be used to produce the desired results. She also let everyone have a trial session and, no doubt, members will be trying the techniques in their classes. This was a very interesting evening and we look forward to Irene returning to lead a workshop next session.

This was the last demo of this session and classes end this week. However, a programme of summer school classes then begin from Monday 15th April, offering classes in outdoor painting / sketching, printing, painting with mixed media, painting and pottery. Details of these classes can be found on our Facebook page, our website or from Morag Allan on 01592 267641. These classes are open to non members so, if anyone is interested in trying painting or pottery, where there are spaces, it is a good opportunity to try them out.

This weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, 23rd and 24th March, 11 am - 4 pm, it will be our 'Open Weekend' which marks the beginning of our Annual Exhibition. This will continue over the following week, 1-4 pm every day until Saturday 30th, when it will be open 11am-2pm. Paintings, pottery, jewellery, glass, cards, notebooks will all be on display, along with other craft items. Tea and coffee, also home baking will be on offer, and there will be activities for children in the pottery, something for everyone!

Our children's class, Hot Pot Kid's Art, has been a great success and enrolment for the next block of classes takes place on Monday 1st April at 5 pm.The cost for six weeks is £30 and includes tuition and all materials.

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