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Pottery workshop & Painting demo

Last Sunday, 24th February, was a busy day at Hot Pot Wynd. From 10.30 am to 2.00 pm pottery members were learning, thanks to tutor, Heather Gilbert, to print an image on clay. Heather began by describing techniques for doing this and the types of paper that can be used - newsprint, acid free tissue and Japanese tissue. Participants began by using newsprint (thin paper), to create an image to put on raw clay. Three or four colours were chosen and each colour had to be layered in a specific order. When finished everyone, despite this being very challenging, really enjoyed having learned this new technique and perhaps will take this forward in the future.

Meanwhile, in the painting studio, Cupar based artist, Vicky Coull, demonstrated her skills and techniques in 'Watercolour with texture. This demo was inspiring, showing club members techniques to use when painting trees. Vicky first put strips of masking tape to represent tree trunks then added a colour wash over the whole painting to provide a background, then adding some different colours. When the strips of masking tape were removed the tree trunks had evolved. Vicky went on to add detail to the trunks and background to represent leaves, using a range of brushes, pens and contrasting paints to develop the painting further, meanwhile answering questions and commenting on her work throughout. She showed her control of her medium and displayed her use of contrasting colours. She knew her subject well and delivered it in a fascinating way, with lots of humour. Her enthusiasm was an inspiration.

Our next event will be in the painting studio, Life Drawing workshop lead by Pat Bray.

Yet another busy Sunday at Hot Pot Wynd !

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