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A great workshop by Dorothy Black

Already it is week five and it is half way through this term. Last Sunday, 10th February, Fife artist, Dorothy Black led a workshop ' Big Flowers using texture'. This was a busy, fast paced workshop beginning with 'loosening up' activities, quick sketches of objects, then using the opposite hand, followed by feeling objects within a bag and drawing them without looking at them - a sensory approach. Dorothy then went on to demonstrate how to use oil and charcoal, illustrating the reaction between the oil and charcoal. Participants then practised this technique on paper before working on the final version on canvas or paper. It was challenging for many but very much enjoyed by everyone and the results were very good - a great workshop.. The next two events take place next week on Sunday 24th February. Heather Gilbert's workshop, 'Printing on Clay', takes place in the pottery, 10.30 am - 2.00 pm. Then , 2-4pm, in the painting studio, Vicky Coull will demonstrate ' Watercolour with Texture', a quirky approach to watercolour paintin! This will be a busy Sunday at Hot Pot Wynd. At the end of this term our week long annual exhibition will take place within the art club. Many people are working towards this and are busy planning towards it. It is a great opportunity for art club members to showcase their work in ceramics, paintings, and many kinds of crafts, and provides an opportunity for people to visit and see what the art club is all about. This will be advertised beforehand, mentioned in this column, and will be on posters and flyers around Kirkcaldy.

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