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A great demo by Malcolm Barton

Last Thursday evening, 25th October, Malcolm Barton demonstrated how to 'Paint with Pastels'. Malcolm begins with an acrylic painting of his topic and then develops the painting by using layers of pastels to provide details and to build up layers of colour. This was enlightening and his narrative throughout illustrated how to do this, and also vocalised his thoughts along the way. Malcolm's demo was very informative and enjoyable, encouraging all present to try this approach in the future. Our next event takes place on Sunday 11th November, 1-4 pm when Ann Watson will lead a workshop in 'Painting with acrylics, acrylic inks and collage'. This will be a very 'colourful' event with Ann providing ideas, tips and techniques throughout. Ann, a prolific artist, based in St Monans, and is very involved locally and exhibits in the East Neuk Open Studios and the Pittenweem Festival. Ann is one of last year's winners of the Shell painting exhibition. Later in November our Christmas Art and Craft Fair will take place on Saturday and Sunday, 24th and 25th, 11 am - 4 pm.

On offer will be a wide range of hand made items involving pottery, paintings and craft. In the mean time classes are still ongoing and we seem to have to still have people coming along to join the art club, whether for a class or just to be member so they can access workshops, demos, the craft group or the untutored painting session. It is always busy at Hot Pot Wynd.

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