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Lots of fun at Fun Palaces

Last Saturday afternoon, 6th October, Kirkcaldy Art Club provided art and pottery activities for children, aged 5 - 11 years, as part of 'Fun Palaces, Scotland', a national campaign to promote 'Culture for Everybody' in a local venue. This was organised by On Fife Libraries and took place in the Adam Smith Centre, one of 433 Fun Palaces in 9 nations ! A group of members welcomed two groups over the afternoon, offering opportunities to be creative over the afternoon. While using clay children made owls, hedgehogs and bowls decorated with 'jewels', as well as other items. Art activities included collage using real Autumn leaves, to make an Autumn tree, printing Autumn leaves while mixing their own colours and designing masks for the 'Day of the Dead'. The results from the children were amazing, obviously from future talented artists. Perhaps we will meet them again as art club members one day. We will be providing more arty activities at another session to be held in Templehall Library in November. Classes at the art club are still ongoing, new members developing new skills and techniques, and others are further developing their own work in painting and pottery. The next event is on Sunday 21st October, 1-4pm, when St Andrews based artist, Susan Forsyth, will lead a workshop in ' Painting with oils, using a palette knife'. Then on Thursday 25th October, 7.30 -9.30, Malcolm Barton, another Fife artist, will demonstrate his techniques in 'Painting with pastels', which he does on top of an acrylic base. This demo is free to all members and provides an opportunity to observe an experienced artist at work, and to pick up lots of tips and ideas, and also meet members from other classes. We hope to meet some of our new members at this event. People can keep up with what's happening at Kirkcaldy Art Club on our website, and from our Facebook page.

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