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Weekly news

At Kirkcaldy Art Club this is the second week of some of our summer term classes. On Monday 23rd and Thursday 26th April May Snaddon issued a painting challenge - 'Can you paint two paintings in two days?' This was busy, hectic and really enjoyable, some painting using acrylics and others using oils. On Tuesday mornings some members are getting to grips with printing techniques, a new venture for some members. On Tuesday afternoons others are taking sketching techniques further, and weather permitting, might do so outdoors. On Wednesdays the craft group and untutored painting continues and, in the pottery, all four classes are busy , some working on the wheel or doing handbuilt pottery, and others are working on Raku. It has been lovely to have some new people in our summer term classes, both in painting and in pottery. It gives them a chance to see if painting and/ or pottery is something they would like to pursue further. We might see them again at enrolment in September. On our website, , there is lots of information about the club, classes, the latest news, and spaces left in summer school classes. There is also information on our Facebook page.

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