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Last week at the club

On Sunday 18th February Dorothy Black, a Fife artist based at Markinch, demonstrated her distinctive style and use of mixed media, producing 'Big Flowers using acrylics, and mixed media. Dorothy used an unusual technique, painting a large poppy head with vegetable oil, then working over the oil with charcoal, which seemed to 'melt' into the oil. She went on to paint / draw more poppies, all slightly different, working in detail into the outline of the flower head, with more charcoal but also white /grey pastel to emphasise the 'lights and darks'. This detail is very important to Dorothy, more than the outline. She stressed the importance, when working on a large scale, to have the board / canvas at the right height, at eye level, and to work from the shoulder, using the whole arm. After more working into the shape of the flower Dorothy sprayed on liquid acrylic paints, red and a 'coppery' colour to provide shimmer. Finally more reds were added to the poppy heads, but still keeping the drawing prominent. Throughout Dorothy explained explained every step of the way, relating it all to her love of natural forms, whether flowers or weeds. This was a fascinating , instructive demonstration that inspired everyone present to paint in this bold, free way, and to experiment all the time, and to also enjoy 'happy accidents' as there is no right and wrong in painting. On Sunday 25th February Ann Watson was to lead a workshop but this has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. It will be rescheduled. On Saturday 3rd March Kirkcaldy Art Club's Annual Exhibition will open at Kirkcaldy Galleries and will run until Wednesday 21st March. The next day, Sunday 4th March Jenny Rae will lead her second workshop, 'Garden Gargoyle Planters, 1-4 pm. Later in March, on Saturday and Sunday, 17th and 18th March there will be an Open Weekend at Kirkcaldy Art Club. This is always a popular event, especially for children as there are activities for children in the pottery and the painting studio. Another very busy month at Hot Pot Wynd!

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