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Entering work into the Mercat Shop

Terms & Conditions


As a member of Kirkcaldy Art Club you can enter work into our shop in the Mercat. Please read below our terms & conditions carefully. Kirkcaldy Art Club takes 20% commission of each sale.

Artwork doesn't have to be made at the club, but should be created by yourself.

Please label each item you enter with your full name (first and last, no initials), title and price.

They must match your entry form. There isn't a limit to the amount of work you can enter. (if there is too much of something it will be kept through the back). Please keep your prices to 50p or whole £.  For frames, canvasses etc please also include a clear label to attach to the front.

Framed pictures/Canvases:

All picture frames and canvases should have eyelets for the cord about a third (1/3) of the way down from the top. String, cord or wire is all fine. There is a handy guide HERE. Any new work that comes in the shop without this can not be displayed in the shop.


Each artist is responsible for the provision of their own Public Liability insurance and for the safety of all products supplied. Artists should insure their own work against loss or damage.

Further information about affordable insurance for artists can be found at A-N, The Artists Information Company, the Scottish Artists Union who provide insurance cover along with your membership.


All goods are supplied at artists’ own risk and no responsibility will be taken by Kirkcaldy Art Club for any damage, accidents caused, or theft of work supplied. In the event that artists have made no provisions for insurance Kirkcaldy Art Club will not be held liable for loss, damage or accidents caused.

Volunteering in the shop

The shop is run by volunteers from Kirkcaldy Art Club. We are open every Friday and Saturday 10-4. We can only remain open if we have enough members that can help.


The Rota is organised month to month. If you would like to volunteer, please email

We also have whatsapp group for volunteers, if you would like to be added please contact Martine Greig 07769 804113.

Entering work:

If you have unsold work in in the shop for more than six months please remove or replace it. We want to continue to keep the shop fresh. All work brought in should have a completed entry form.

You can find entry forms here in PDF and Word Doc.


All items that go into the shop must be for sale. It can be anything painted, printed, crafted, potted. Entry forms are usually also available from the shop. All work will be put through the back first and checked off. Work will only be put into the shop by our sub committee. ALL ITEMS MUST HAVE A CLEAR LABEL WITH NAME, TITLE and PRICE. PLEASE ADD YOUR FULL NAME TO YOUR ARTWORK.

Work that doesn't comply to our terms and conditions will not be put into the shop.

Payments: All payments received in the shop will be handled by our treasurers Lynn Robertson & Angela Marry. They will endeavour to pay all artists each month. Kirkcaldy Art Club will take 20% of all purchases made in the shop.

By entering work into the shop you agree to the above terms & conditions.

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