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Covid guidelines for Kirkcaldy Art Club - Adult Classes


We appreciate that it has been a difficult time for everyone and we want to make sure members and tutors feel comfortable in coming to their class.

We are following Covid guidance and the committee is working with a full risk assessment.

This can be found here, this will be updated regularly.

Classes will be held at our usual capacity.  Which means 12 in the pottery classes and 14 in painting classes.


We request that those wishing to join classes or come to the building to follow the rules below and by joining Kirkcaldy Art Club you agree to these rules.



• Please sanitise your hands when entering the building. 

• Wear a face mask at all times, particularly when moving about and when directly speaking to another person (ie tutor). 

• Only one person at a time at the sink. 

• For now, there will be no tea/coffee breaks and no visits to the kitchen.

• Bring your own apron.

• Clean tables after class. 

• In the pottery clean tools. If you have your own tools, you can bring them. Please be mindful though of the space around you and only bring the basics. No big toolboxes please.

• Bring your own towel (paper towels are provided)

We ask that members do not come to the club if suffering from cold, flu or covid symptoms.

Covid guidelines for Kirkcaldy Art Club - Children's Classes

• Children should sanitise their hands when entering the building and when leaving after class.

• Parents/Carers dropping off children should wear a mask.

• Parents/Carers should sanitise hands when entering the building.

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