We have online paiting/drawing classes via zoom coming up week beginning 18th January.

You do need to be a member if you wish to join a class, membership fee is £48

(Concession £40, 60 years and over).

Please send us an email if you are interested in joining a class. We will give you details on how to pay.

Email: kirkcaldyartclub@outlook.com

Cost for each block of classes is £32

Monday 1:30 - 3pm - with Dot Black

8 classes commencing 18th January - with a break 15th February

Tuesday 1:30 - 3pm - with Dot Black

8 classes commencing 19th January - with a break 16th February

Thursday 10:30 - noon - with May Snaddon (fully booked)

8 classes commencing 21st January - with a break 18th February

Below you can read more info about each class:

Dot Black's classes

There will be 2 blocks of 4 classes. We will develop ideas for a composition over the four weeks and participants can choose their own area of subject matter - still life/figure/landscape/built environment. Each week we will factor in time for discussion and sharing work.

Week 1 - Drawing techniques relating to individual theme.
Week 2 - Explore individual theme using the visual elements of line/tone/texture.
Week 3 - Explore compositional techniques.
Week 4 - Explore and combine techniques to develop a finished piece. Time for open forum and discussion.

Second block will be more specialised. Participants can choose their own subject matter.

Week 5 - Explore colour and paint techniques.
Week 6 - Develop colour studies relating to chosen theme.
Week 7 - Develop compositional ideas, considering methods to create impact/mood.
Week 8 - Develop finished piece and open forum.

This will be ideal for those who simply want to stay connected, learn a few tricks and be inspired, but also enough to stretch those who are looking to be pushed!


May Snaddon

May will be exploring the subjects: Sea, Sand, Sky and Seasons
The plan is to create 3 or 4 small paintings showing different aspects of the sea at different times of the day, year and tide. You will be using acrylic paint.

May will send out suitable photographs each week. You can let May know if you would need them printed. During the first block you will have themes:
Week 1 - Stormy sky
Week 2 - Water’s edge
Week 3 - Calm waters
Week 4 ( if we have finished week 3 image) - Visiting wildlife.

The second block May will be guided by participants and see in which direction they want to go.


Hot Pot Wynd, Dysart, Kirkcaldy, KY1 2TQ • kirkcaldyartclub@outlook.com

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