Spring into Summer classes

Cost for each block of 8 classes is £32, you do not need to be a member to participate

Classes will be online via zoom, link to be emailed near the starting date. Scroll down to book a class.

Dot's Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon classes:
On offer will be a range of activities with an emphasis on the fun and joy of creativity. Dot was inspired by a quote from Picasso describing Matisse's work in 1951 - "No painter has ever tickled painting like Matisse until it bursts into such gales of laughter".

Dot plans to run a short course, covering a range of techniques in mark making, simple print, experimental painting, stencilling and collage. We might be looking at colour, pattern and texture as well as embellishment with other materials, such as gold leaf or jewels, using materials easily found around the house. We will produce 'in the style of' or inspired by a variety of artists.
We will start with Matisse in week one, followed by Van Gogh and many others such as Klimt ......and Dot is also open to suggestions from class members.

May's Thursday Morning class:

Using a limited palette for a landscape; looking at different types of trees and in different seasons; studying birds both individually and in flocks; basic portraits animal or human!
All the paintings would be done either in watercolour and/or acrylic/oil. This depends on subject and the materials the class has to hand. The class may digress here and there, depending where participants go with their work.



Some feedback from members that participated in recent online drawing/painting classes:


'I am finding the classes very helpful indeed and very informative and enjoyable. 

Dot is a great teacher, I am trying things I haven’t done before, or for decades!'


'I am in Dot's Zoom class, I truly enjoy it. It is not the same like “ face to face” of course, but a very good substitute. Thanks to Dots amazing teaching ability and encouragement, I feel like I’m progressing in my drawing skills, but above all I’m looking forward to my next class, to exercise my arty skills and see friendly faces'


'The online class has been such a motivation for me. I hadn’t done any art work throughout the pandemic, Dot is an amazing tutor. She’s so well prepared, enthusiastic and encouraging. Behind the scenes she has obviously given great thought to planning the content and timing of each activity throughout the session She explains and demonstrates for just the right amount of time giving us time to practise'


'For me personally it has been a turning point. I’ve not felt like doing any art work or glass since lockdown but last week I went out to buy flowers to practise what we had been taught. It was challenging but I thoroughly enjoyed it. This week we were drawing eyes, noses and mouths with a view to progressing to portraits I believe.

What better way to spend a soggy, wet day!'

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